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How to Integrate phpDocumentor 2 to PhpStorm 8

phpDocumentorphpDocumentor is an open-source utility for generating documentation of code written in PHP. All you need to do is to include DocBlocks in your code then phpDocumentor does the rest for you. Recently, to finalise a project I needed to integrate phpDocumentor to PhpStorm. So if you’re interested, here I’ll show you what I did to generate documentation for my application using phpDocumentor 2 and PhpStorm 8.

Steps for running phpDocumentor in PhpStorm

1. Download the latest release of phpDocumentor here (at the time of writing the latest version is 2.7.0) and extract the zip file.

2. In PhpStorm -> Preferences… -> (under IDE Settings) External Tools, click on + to add a new tool:

PhpStorm external tools

3. Here important things that you need to provide are location of PHP, phpDocumentor (where you downloaded), your project and the output path for the generated documentation. As you see in the screenshot I use MAMP for Mac. So if you’re in the same boat yours should be pretty much the same as mine:

– Program:

– Parameters:

You can read more about the parameters here.

– Working directory:

4. You’re almost done. Now from Tools -> PhpDocumentor run the the tool that you just created:


If everything is fine you will see something like this in the console:

phpstorm console

Now check the generated documentation in the path you specified in the step 3. Hope this is helpful if you want to Integrate phpDocumentor 2 to PhpStorm 8.


  1. Hello, i tried all steps but it gives “[Exception] No parsable files were found, did you specify any using the -f or -d parameter? ” error when i run PhpDocumentor – Tablemaker. Do you have any idea why that happens? Thanks.

  2. Hi
    Can i documentor current directory in project?
    Example $CurrentProjectDir$

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