PuTTY Currently my work day starts with firing PuTTY and I almost spend the entire day using it. So I have started using some tips and features to avoid doing the same things over and over again. Here are some tips I would like to share:

1. Autologin
This is an absolute time saver. Instead of every time typing your username and password you can automatically login to the host. However, please note this is not safe if you are using a shared environment. These are the steps to achieve it:
1. Make sure you have saved a session for the host you connect.
2. Create a new PuTTY shortcut
3. Right click on the shortcut and in the ‘Target’ field enter this:

2. Default directory
In addition to autologin feature you can go further and define a default directory. This way you do not need CD to your favorite directory every time after login. Follow these steps to do that:
1. Open PuTTY Configuration
2. Go to Connection -> SSH and in the ‘Remote command’ field enter this command:
cd /path/to/your/favorite/directory ; /bin/bash

3. Larger window
You can set the default window size on startup at PuTTY Configuration -> Window by specifying Columns and Rows.

4. Color themes
I think the default PuTTY theme is pretty awful and hard to read. Luckily there are a bunch of themes out there. Here you can find 2 that are my favorites.

5. No confirmation alert
Last but not least trick is to disable the confirmation on closing the window. This can be done at PuTTY Configuration -> Window -> Behaviour by unchecking ‘Warn before closing window’.