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Continue processing PHP after sending 200 OK response

Recently I’ve come across APIs and mainly event management systems that need to receive a HTTP 200 OK response upon sending a request to our server. For example, if you need to integrate Slack Events API your server has to respond a HTTP 200 OK within 3 seconds to every event it receives. Another example is where your server has to respond an [accepted] response within 10 seconds to Adyen notifications.

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How to convert Google Chart to PNG and PDF

chart_printableIf you use Google Chart for reporting and visualising data you may want to have a functionality of exporting charts to PNG and PDF files. Here I will guide you how to quickly convert Google Chart to PNG and PDF. For those of you interested in using Google Chart I recommend you to have a look at this tutorial that I made a while ago.

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Data Visualisation with the Google Chart, PHP and MySQL

Pie ChartGoogle chart provides a perfect way to visualise and report data on your website. It includes powerful, simple to use, and free interactive charts and data tools. You can easily connect them to your database and make real time charts and graphs. For a quick start, Google has provided an extensive documentation named Hello Charts!. However, for those of you who own a website running on PHP and MySQL I suggest you to read this step by step tutorial. So let’s get started.
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