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Seven Tips To Pass A Coding Exercise

If you’ve landed here, you’re probably supposed to submit a solution for a take-home coding exercise shortly. I’ve been in the same situation a few times and each time learned more. Based on my experience, to pass a coding exercise you should follow seven rules which sometimes are ignored even by senior candidates.

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How Not to Use CAPTCHAs on Your Forms

When Programmeroo got launched, initially the decision wasn’t to use CAPTCHAs on any forms. Because, let’s face it, CAPTCHAs are still annoying and have a huge effect on user experience. Another reason was to get to know the spammers better, find out where they’re coming from and identify their patterns beforehand. So it’s no surprise that soon enough, the contact form started getting a lot of spam messages. That’s where the fun began and the rest is the story of how we went from a few spams a day to almost none by using a few simple techniques without any usability impact on the end user.

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A Composer ready starter kit

After doing a few open-source projects I found myself doing some steps again and again to setup a new repository on GitHub. I live in PHP world and what I normally do is to create a Composer package along with CI operations and bunch of automated code review tools.

This might seem like an overkill specially for small projects but believe or not it pays off as the project grows. So I came up with a Composer ready starter kit to help speed up starting PHP projects on GitHub which can be found here. It includes:

To get started:

  • Pull the repo
  • Rename any php-base-project and PhpBaseProject with your project name and appropriate namespace
  • Create an account on Travis, Scrutinizer and Code Climate and allow access to your repository
  • Update composer.json with the relevant information to your project
  • Update .travis.yml with your repository token from Code Climate
  • Update readme file with the right path to the badges
  • Update author name in the license

Build a Slack bot with Botonomous Framework and Events API


In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to build a Slack bot with Botonomous Framework and Events API. If you have followed the last tutorial you already know how to prepare the server and install Botonomous Framework.


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Build your “What’s for lunch” Slack Bot

Botonomous Framework LogoHave you ever wondered having a Slack Bot in your team that suggests where to have Friday work lunch? If so, this tutorial will walk you through the process of building your own Slack Bot in PHP using Botonomous Framework and Slash Commands.

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